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Hello, I’m Frank Gruber, and I’ve been involved in the life and politics of Santa Monica for over 20 years. In the 90s I was an activist for better planning, and I served on the Housing and Planning Commissions, and the oversight committee for a school district bond. In 2000 I started writing a weekly column, called “What I Say,” about Santa Monica for the Santa Monica Lookout News, and I did that for 11 years. (A selection of my columns was published in the book, Urban Worrier: Making Politics Personal.) I wrote the column until Jan. 2012 when I said goodbye to journalism so that I could run for city council. Running for office was a great experience, but in the November 2012 election, I lost. I miss writing down my thoughts on what’s going on in town, but I want to stay active as opposed to being just a commentator, and so I’m starting this blog.

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Frank, please keep up the good work. With Santa Monica Next no longer really functioning, we need your smart, well-informed take on what’s going on with the city. Especially with an election coming up. Please consider giving us your thoughts on local issues more often!

  2. This IS the Frank who is married to philosopher Janet, and who chairs Jacaranda? If not, holler. If so, let me say that I had no idea of your commitment and eloquence. I started reading about the “City of Quartz” panel because I am putting together a book of my photographs of Los Angeles with a related but different title. That article got me here and onward. Bravo!

  3. Frank, we appreciate the voice of reason on these technical and legal issues.
    Please consider running for the City Council again.

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